Candy Crush Soda Saga – 11 Level – Walkthrough (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook

Candy Crush Soda Saga – 11 Level – Walkthrough (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, FacebookPLAYLIST with more CANDY CRUSH SODA SAGA levels –

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle video game released by the developer King on April 12, 2012 for Facebook, and on November 14, 2012 as a mobile app for smartphones. As of March 2013, Candy Crush Saga surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on Facebook, with 46 million average monthly users. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush. In November 2013, the “Dreamworld” expansion was launched, creating a more difficult playing mode of older levels.

The game is periodically updated, adding new “episodes” and playable levels; new levels are updated first on Facebook followed by Android and iPhone in late 2012. Candy Crush Saga has “episodes” of 15 levels each (the first two “episodes” have only 10 levels). An update to the game in November 2013 added the “Dreamworld” levels, giving players the opportunity to replay older levels with a new mechanic, which is also periodically updated. As of January 2015, the Facebook edition has over 800 regular levels and over 500 Dreamworld levels, with new levels added every two weeks. The game has also been released for Windows Phone in December 2014.

Throughout the game, the player solves puzzles so Tiffi (short for Toffette) can solve problems plaguing the residents of the Candy Kingdom. These include tutorial guide Mr. Toffee, whose voice was changed from an over-the-top French accent in the original version of the game into a more modest deep male voice,[9] the Easter Bunny, the shop owner Mr. Yeti, Odus the owl from Dreamworld levels, the villainous Bubblegum Troll, and many others.

Candy Crush Saga had over ten million downloads in December 2012 alone. In July 2013, it was estimated that Candy Crush Saga at the time had about million active users and earned revenue of $633,000 per day in the US section of the iOS App Store alone. In November 2013, the game had been installed 500 million times across Facebook and iOS and Android devices. According to Business Insider, Candy Crush Saga is the most downloaded iOS app for 2013.
Candy Crush received particular mention in Hong Kong media, with reports that one in seven Hong Kong citizens plays the game. The game is also featured in Psy’s music video “Gentleman”. In December 2013, King entered the Japanese market with a series of television commercials in Japan, and by December 4 it had become the 23rd most downloaded game in Japan on Android devices and number 1 most downloaded from the App Store.

In 2014, became a publicly-traded company. King earned over $500 million net income in 2014.

According to review aggregating website Metacritic, the game received an average review score of 79/100, indicating generally positive reviews. Ellie Gibson of Eurogamer referred to Candy Crush Saga as 2013’s “Game of the Year”.

In May 2014, a sequel titled Candy Crush Soda Saga was released as a soft launch by King, with a similar design but new gameplay dynamics, such as a soda bottle piece that can shift gravity. As of January 2015, there are 255 “Candy Crush Soda Saga” levels.

On October 20, 2014, the Facebook version of Candy Crush Soda Saga was widely released and the mobile app was released in mid-November.

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