Candy Crush Saga Level 10 Help,Tips,Tricks and Cheats

Candy Crush Saga Level 10 help,tips and tricks

Candy Crush Level 10 keeps things easy and helps us build our confidence levels as they will start to get a little harder each level we go up.

Watch out for the empty block in the middle on this level apart from that its peas and gravy :P to pass this level we need to score over 40,000 points and clear 39 jelly’s and do so within 40 moves.

Candy Crush Saga Level 10 cheats

Really no need for cheats for candy crush 10, altho you could watch the video below to help you out if your in any trouble :)

1 star: 40,000 points
2 stars: 70,000 points
3 stars: 100,000 points

Candy Crush Saga Level 10 video walk through