Candy Crush Saga Level 31 Help,Tips,Tricks and Cheats

How to beat Candy Crush Saga Level 31 ?

To beat Candy Crush Saga level 31 we have to clear 14 pieces of jelly within 15 moves and score at least 20,000 points in order to defeat this level.

Candy Crush Level 31 Help and Advice

The look of level 31 makes it seem harder than it is and the only way to beat it is to make special candy combinations in the bottom board that will affect the top board and clear the jellies.

This level only contains blue, orange, and green candies and it makes crushing candies much easier.

A striped + wrapped candy combo can clear the jellies in a 3 column area, however, if we can make a color bomb and we can match that with a striped candy or just similarly colored candy that occupies the most jellies that would be great.

1 star: 20,000 points
2 stars: 60,000 points
3 stars: 100,000 points

Candy Crush Saga Level 31 Tutorial / video walk through