Candy Crush Saga Level 358 Help,Tips,Tricks and Cheats

Candy crush saga level 358 Tips

In Candy Crush Saga level 358 we need to score 40,000 points or more within 45 seconds to beat level 358.

How to beat Candy Crush Saga Level 358 (cheats ?)

Candy Crush Saga level 358 is tough to beat timed level ever. You only have 45 seconds, and there’s three locked in bombs to clear.

Actually you have two strategies to choose from, either ignore the bombs entirely, make as many special candy and combos as you can in 15 moves then let the time run out before you set the candy time bombs off, in the hope that you’ll scrape enough points in the Sugar Crush.

Or focus entirely on the bombs then grab a +5 as soon as you’ve got rid of them and make some huge combos.

1 Star: 40,000 points
2 Stars: 50,000 points
3 Stars: 55,000 points

Candy Crush Saga Level 358 video walk through


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