Candy Crush Saga Level 410 Help,Tips,Tricks and Cheats

Candy crush saga level 410 Tips

In Candy Crush Saga level 410 we need to clear all the Jelly blocks and score 155,000 points or more if you can, all within 50 moves and we will have beaten candy crush level 410.

How to beat Candy Crush Saga Level 410 (cheats ?)

In this level the board is covered with double jelly and to complicate things you have four 30 move bombs in each bottom corner, a chocolate fan in the center at the bottom and spinner dispensers in the middle 3 columns.

The easiest way to clear the bombs was to either use the marmalade striped candy at the top of the board, or mix a color bomb and striped, but it’s much easier now.

Dropping a wrapped candy down there can also solve the time bomb issue. With the bombs out of the way, this turns into a pretty straightforward jelly level.

The jelly in the corners is hard to get, and you’ll need to keep track of the chocolate.

1 star: 155,000 points
2 stars: 265,000 points
3 stars: 295,000 points

Candy Crush Saga Level 410 video walk through