Candy Crush Saga Level 538 Help, Tips, Tricks and Cheats

How to beat Candy Crush Saga Level 538 ?

In Candy Crush Saga level 538 clear all the jelly and reach 200,000 points in 35 moves to complete the level.

Candy Crush Level 538 Help and Advice

Candy Crush Level 538 is another fairly hard one! You start off with 3 nine move bombs in the center surrounded by cages. These can be tricky to get to sometimes. Especially if you can’t crush through the cages. If you crush under the cages at the bottom, no more candies will drop so I would recommend working from the top if you have no moves to crush cages. I would work on those cages and clearing the first set of bombs. The jellies in the middle on the conveyer belt seem to come easy but the jellies on the far right and left sides at the top and bottom will bring you some trouble. Wrapped/striped combos right in the dead center of the top or bottom are going to be super helpful if you can pull it off. Also color bomb/striped combos will help you clear out jellies. Some sort of combo becomes necessary to clearing this level out of jellies. I would crush on the sides where I could but I hung around the center a lot as well to clear bombs as well as try and make special candies and hope to make some good combos.

1 star: 200,000 points
2 stars: 300,000 points
3 stars: 400,000 points

Candy Crush Level 538 Tutorial / video walk through