Candy Crush Saga Level 578 Help, Tips, Tricks and Cheats

How to beat Candy Crush Saga Level 578 ?

In Candy Crush Saga level 578 clear 2 single and 13 double jelly squares and reach 50,000 points in 50 moves to complete the level.

Candy Crush Level 578 Help and Advice

Candy Crush Saga Level 578 is another pretty hard level. It’s gonna take some work to reach the jellies, as those in the bottom row are constantly getting covered by chocolate, those in the second row up from the bottom are covered by three-layered icings, and those on the sides are located at the bottom of two short columns. Between the oddly-shaped board and six colors, it can become a pretty challenging task to make special candies. But when you do create a special candy, place them in the most advantageous location that you can. You’ll also find that the candy bombs falling from the middle dispenser draw your attention away from clearing up the jellies. You don’t want to spend too much time on the candy bombs, just break up the icing and clear out the jelly with some special candies. Clear the bombs when they are about to explode, but don’t wait too long or they’ll blow up. Be advised, there’s a good chance that the booster will end up in the row covered by the chocolate generator, causing everything to be useless excluding the color bomb. (Note that is is only applicable to the Facebook version, whereas in the mobile app, you can exit from the level without making a move, without losing a life, and you still get to keep the booster). Once the level is completed, Sugar Crush is activated. Good luck and happy crushing!

1 star: 80,000 points
2 stars: 160,000 points
3 stars: 250,000 points

Candy Crush Level 578 Tutorial / video walk through