Candy Crush Saga Level 74 Help,Tips,Tricks and Cheats

How to beat Candy Crush Saga Level 74 ?

To beat Candy Crush Saga level 74 we need to bring 10 ingredients to the floor (5 nuts & 5 cherries) we also need to score 90,000 points all within 35 moves.

Candy Crush Level 74 Help and Advice

Straight off the bat we should focus on whatever columns have our ingredients in them, remember the new ingredient(s) will appear on the move after you clear an old ingredient.

We can use that to our advantage and we can manipulate which columns the new ingredients appear in. Clear some blocks and chocolate from the bottom and then we should clear drops from the left side section.

Finally we should clear from the right side section, break the chocolate and then shoot vertically striped candies in the columns with the ingredients.

1 star: 50,000 points
2 stars: 80,000 points
3 stars: 120,000 points

Candy Crush Saga Level 74 Tutorial / Video walk through